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Remote Monitor Wireless Ip Camera Outdoor Security Protection

Remote Monitor Wireless Ip Camera Outdoor Security Protection

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Brand Name: centechia


High Definition: 1080P(Full-HD)

Supported Operating Systems: No

Lens (mm): 2MM

Style: Box Camera

Connectivity: WIFI

Certification: NONE

Smart home platform: NONE

Type: Ip Camera Wireless

Type E: Baby Monitor Outdoor

Product Type 1: Outdoor

Type 1: Baby Monitor

Type 2: Ip Camera

Type 3: Remote Monitor

Type 4: Surveillance Camera

Type 5: Smart Home Security Protection

Feature 1: Baby Monitor Mini

Feature 2: Surveillance Camera Security Protection

Feature 3: Remote Monitor Wireless


Ip Camera Wireless Outdoor Remote Monitor Security Protection Mini Smart Home Security Protection Surveillance Camera



Resolution: 480*640

Memory card: up to 128G

Power supply: 5v 1A

Link method: wifi



1. Card storage and remote playback: The camera supports local TF card storage, which is more secure and convenient than cloud storage, and can be played back through app anytime and anywhere.

2. WIFI remote monitoring: The camera is equipped with WIFI connectivity, making it easy to monitor and control the camera remotely from a mobile device, anytime and anywhere.

3. Unlimited distance: The camera supports real-time monitoring and playback via mobile device, regardless of the distance between the camera and the mobile device.

4. Compatibility: The camera is compatible with various smart APPs, making it easy to manage and access the camera's features and functions from different mobile platforms.

5. Double insurance features: The camera has double insurance features, ensuring that power outages and network failures are monitored and recorded, ensuring reliable operation of the camera.

Package Included:                                                                                                                  

1 * camera, 1 * charging cable, 1 * bracket, 1 * instruction manual


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