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Mango Depilatory Cream Body Painless Effective Hair Removal and Whitening Cream for Men and Women

Mango Depilatory Cream Body Painless Effective Hair Removal and Whitening Cream for Men and Women

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Brand Name: RtopR


Production License:  Cosmetics 20170354

Gender: Female

Special Purpose Cosmetics: No

Ingredient: Mango, Herbal Extract

NET WT: 40g

Smell: Other

Model Number: RtopR018

Item Type: Hair Removal Cream

Brand: RtopR

Net Wt: 40g

Effect: Remove leg hair

Effect 1: Chest hair removal

Ingredient: mango

Suitable for skin: All skin

Function: Remove intimate hair

Function 1: Chest hair removal


Name: Mango Depilatory Cream

Net Wt: 1.4 oz/40G

Product Features:

Contains mango extract, combined with an upgraded hair removal formula, does not irritate the skin, it is clean, long lasting, easy to remove or rinse, leaving your skin smooth and moisturized.



How to use?

1.After moistening the area that needs to be depilated with a mild wet towel.

2.Apply this product evenly to the hair removal site,then wipe depilatory Cream evenly with the special tool included.

3.Usage amount should be fully covered with body hair(about 2 mm thick)and keep for 5-8minutes(depending on thickness of body hair).

4.Gently wipe with a special tool(or use a towel) along the opposite direction of hair growth,and then clean with water.

3.If the body hair does not fall off, you can stay for a few more minutes, the total time should not exceed 15 minutes;

4.Rinse the hair removal area with water immediately and apply other maintenance products after drying.


1. Can be used in armpits, legs, arms and other parts.

2. Do not use it on damaged skin such as rashes or sunburn. If there are adverse reactions, please stop using it.

3. Please try it on a small piece of skin before use. If there is no discomfort, it can be used normally.

4. This product contains calcium thioglycolate and calcium hydroxide. Please avoid contact with eyes, which may cause blindness and prevent children from grabbing.

Applicable skin:

A variety of skin.


If you find the skin discomfort please stop using.

Storage Condition :

Please keep away from light to avoid direct sunlight

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