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Electric Face Lifting Beauty Health Face Massager Slimming Chin

Electric Face Lifting Beauty Health Face Massager Slimming Chin

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Brand Name: DearBeauty


Material: Plastic

Power Source: Electric

Working Principle: EMS

Working Principle: vibration massage

Model Number: Thin Face Chin Massager

Certification: CE

Size: 11*3.5*1.5CM

Manufacturing Process: Machine Made

Function: Lifting

Number of Pieces: One Unit


Micro Current Pulse V Face Instrument Facial Slimming Beauty Instrument Vibrating Massage Hot Compress Firming and Lifting Improves Double Chin USB Charging


1. EMS micro-current pulses penetrate deep into the dermis, massage and stimulate facial muscles, thereby firming and lifting facial skin and shaping three-dimensional contours.

2. The constant temperature hot compress accelerates the burning of facial fat, improves sagging skin and double chin, and helps you shape a small V face.

3. 6 care modes, 9 levels of adjustable intensity, suitable for different needs of different groups of people; 15 minutes of skin care every day, witnessing the miracle of beauty.

4. The electrode pads made of 304 stainless steel are smooth, delicate and skin-friendly, and are not easy to cause allergies, even for sensitive skin.

5. The ergonomically designed face-lifting device closely fits the curve of the chin, lifts the skin without gaps, and makes the face soft and comfortable.

6. The universal USB charging interface is compatible with a variety of charging devices, such as power banks, car power supplies, laptops, and indoor sockets.

Steps for usage:

1. Clean the face first, do a good job of skin care and moisturizing.

2. Wipe the electrode pads wet before use. (It is strictly forbidden to introduce liquid skin care products such as water, milk, and cream into the machine to avoid affecting the service life of the product!)

3. Attach the electrode sheet to the masseter muscle, pull it up through the bandage, and fix the position. The bandage can be adjusted according to the size of the head.


Material: ABS

Color: White

Charging voltage: 5v-1A

Rated power: 4W

Rated voltage: 3.7v

Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Battery model: 603040

Battery capacity: 600mAh

Charging time: 3 hours

Use time: 4 hours

Product size: 11*3.5*1.5CM

Note: It cannot be turned on and used in the charging state.

Packing List:

1* Host

1*Type-C Charging Cable

1* English User Manual

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